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Automatic Motor Design Demonstration
     Automatic 3D configuration and production drawings of a custom design electrical motor, courtesy of Nidec Motor corporation.
This demonstrator shows how a fairly complex motor design task can be specified and completed over the web. It is NOT a complete design application; its purpose is rather to illustrate the automatic over-the-web design capability that can be created using Design Power's Design++ technology. This specific demonstrator shows the custom design of a fractional horsepower electrical motor. For information on a real application in production read this Nidec Motor Corporation (NMC) success story. The above pictures illustrate results from NMC's application.
First, you need to create a user account by filling out a registration form. After logging in and creating a project, you are taken to the main configuration page. The configurator produces a 3D motor model, 2D drawings, and various reports. If you wish to study the demonstrator tutorial, click here.
This demonstrator produces various views of the 3D motor model that can be viewed in a standard web browser. In addition, it produces a VRML model, which you can view with a VRML viewer. If you do not have such a viewer, you can download a free Cortona3D Viewer from Parallel Graphics Ltd. Just click the logo below. Once the viewer is installed, you can click the VRML Model button on the main dialog to launch the viewer. Installing the VRML viewer is optional!

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